Front Wearing Fitting Instructions

Final points to note...

  • Pull the body panel up from its upper edge to ensure that the body of the baby carrier fabric is flush and there are no folds in it.
  • Tighten both the shoulder straps evenly, by pulling on the the two side straps simultaneously. Ensure that the infant is comfortable, allowing room for head movement and that your baby is not too tight against your torso.
  • The infant’s back should be slightly rounded while sitting in the carrier and their bottom sat deep in the carrier’s body section, just above the waist belt.
  • Your infant should now be secure while comfortable and with no restriction to head movement or breathing. 

 Removing an infant from the carrier 

  • In order to remove the infant from the carrier, hold the infant’s bottom in one hand and use your other hand to unbuckle one of the shoulder straps and release the elastic safety loop.
  • Now use your other hand to hold the infant and pull the loose shoulder strap back over your shoulder in front of you so that it can hang down loose.
  • While holding your child with one hand, unbuckle the other strap and release the elastic safety loop. Bring the loose strap over your shoulder to hang down in front of you.  This will release the tension in the carrier’s body section and the infant can be lifted out of the carrier safely.