The Story of our Baby Carrier

Beauden The Label badge detail

Beauden the Label was born in lockdown of 2020 - around a year after our son Beauden was born in March 2019. 

When we set about trying to find a baby carrier that not only was comfortable for us and our baby but also felt stylish to wear, we found ourselves at a loss. Everywhere we turned we were presented with a web of straps and contraptions that left little in the way of glamour and sophistication. 

The Beauden The Label family

Gemma, James & Beauden

We found cheap carriers to be commonplace - they typically have a limited size range for the infant they carry, the materials and components are visibly inferior in quality, and they usually match their look and feel to their price. So we set about creating our baby carriers with the idea in mind of them not only being safe, practical and comfortable but also stylish and understated. 

Beauden The Label black and white image

We wanted to use natural materials as much as possible, focusing on ethically sourced organic cotton and linen for the cradle of our carrier.  It was important that the carrier would blend in with an outfit, while also subtly standing out for its charm and beautiful detailing. With men now also using baby carriers we have ensured that ours are gender neutral in their design. 

Rocco the new addition to the family

Our 2nd addition:  Rocco

While simplicity in design was high up on our list, functionality was equally critical for our carriers.  Our baby carrier is very easy to use.  The carrier can be worn with your baby either on your front or on your back ensuring that you can adapt the weight load of your infant to suit your needs as they grow.  The carrier is fitted with adjustable clip releases and fail-safe elasticated loops for each strap that ensure your child is truly safe and secure in the carrier cradle.  It’s fitted with a reversible head support that can be adjusted to three different positions, catering neatly to the ever-changing size of your baby.  The carrier comes in one size and can carry babies up to 15kg / 33lbs.  With a wealth of baby wearing experience, we assure you that carrying any more than 15kg can quickly become an unappealing prospect.

Functionality and looks aside, we wanted to create a premium carrier in quality that was still affordable to those who took a shine to it.  Consequently, we design our products in the United Kingdom and manufacture in China.  It’s a conscious choice to manufacture in China to ensure that we pass on the best price to you that we can.  We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our factory adheres to the most rigorous standards in terms of both labour welfare (paying well above minimum wage) and ethically sourcing materials.

We absolutely love wearing our carrier and the closeness it gives us with our babies.  We very much hope that you get the same enjoyment from your carrier as we do, and that it gives you ever more loving and treasured moments with your baby during this wonderful phase of life.

Gemma and James